Collections Highlights

Object Type “What is it?”

The Great Pine
70,212 items
Untitled #132
8,585 items
Ceremonial shoulder cloth
3,881 items
Mini dress
2,752 items
2,628 items
NAAWP Pickets Hospital
2,623 items
2,082 items
Portrait de Charles de Verninac
1,871 items
Seated female figure holding vessel
1,735 items
1,502 items
Altar cloth
1,432 items
Nuits de Paris by Francis Carco (Paris: Au Sans Pareil, 1927)
1,412 items
Fabric Lenth: "Women with runs in their stockings"
1,170 items
Serving Spoon
1,145 items

Century "When was it made?”

Summertime and the Void
1,417 items
Orbes I
41,201 items
Portrait de Charles de Verninac
28,775 items
Ladies desk (Bonheur du jour)
10,689 items
Allegory of Geometry
9,055 items
Portrait of Titian
3,540 items
592 items

Country “Where was it made?”

Orbes I
33,994 items
Mini dress
19,687 items
8,711 items
Altar cloth
6,667 items
The Market on the Molo
5,366 items
Linden bag containing saki-ori balls
3,980 items
Waste Not, Want Not bread plate
3,341 items
The Cobbler
3,222 items
A Lame Beggar Playing a Hurdy-gurdy and his Wife Singing
1,887 items
1,214 items
Martyrdom of St. Bartholomew
1,085 items
Standing Warrior in Feather Costume
1,044 items
World War I Front Line
763 items
Intergrown gourds stirrup spout
733 items
Mocking of Ceres, reverse copy of Hendrik Goudt’s etching after Adam Elsheimer’s painting
693 items
663 items
Catastrophe du Mont Cervin
622 items
Entry into the Cabaret
529 items
Bookmark and paperknife
513 items
Family Provider: My Less Understood Role
481 items
Man's Wrapper
453 items

Department “Where do we keep it?”

Orbes I
83,260 items
1,163 items
three medal or photo cases
1,083 items
1,006 items
Portrait de Charles de Verninac
736 items
Ginger Jar with Rosewood and Jade Lid
97 items
Round seashell
2 items