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Torso of a God
Torso of a God (New Kingdom, Dynasty 18, last decade of the reign of Amenhotep III, BC 1363–1352)
Spirit figure, yipwon
Spirit figure, yipwon (19th century)

Object Type “What is it?”

70,206 items
Woman Knitting by a Window
8,610 items
Shoulder cloth (kain slendang)
3,904 items
Evening dress, "Queen of Thailand"
2,779 items
Untitled [Elderly Woman, Staten Island Ferry] from Time of Change
2,649 items
2,606 items
2,075 items
A Glimpse of the Lake
1,855 items
Half-figure of a man on a prestige stool
1,653 items
Weaving box
1,446 items
Wrapping cloth (pojagi)
1,432 items
Album de poemes tires du livre de jade
1,420 items
1,170 items
Serving Spoon
1,145 items

Century "When was it made?”

1,427 items
Evening dress, "Queen of Thailand"
41,411 items
28,697 items
Shoulder cloth (kain slendang)
10,600 items
Mercure et Argus (Mercury and Argus)
8,993 items
Saint Barbara and another Female Saint
3,525 items
St. John on Patmos
597 items

Country “Where was it made?”

Evening dress, "Queen of Thailand"
33,754 items
Album de poemes tires du livre de jade
19,694 items
Untitled from Auden Poems
8,711 items
Altar Candlestick
6,667 items
Landscape with Equestrian Statue
5,366 items
Soto Zen Buddhist's Priest Robe (kesa)
3,982 items
Textile panel
3,344 items
Tobias, with the Angel, Dragging the Fish (The Large Tobias)
3,216 items
Landscape, from Set of Small Landscapes
1,887 items
Woman's skirt
1,215 items
1,086 items
1,040 items
World War I Front Line
763 items
Wall Hanging
737 items
English Noblewoman
693 items
Near Ekhmin (Akhmin), January 15, 1854
663 items
Recto: Bereaved Mother Mourning After the Massacre of the Innocents 
Verso: An Assassin Fleeing
622 items
Evening Dress
529 items
Pair of Earrings
516 items
Processional mask, semese
483 items
453 items

Department “Where do we keep it?”

83,316 items
Torso of Hermes
1,163 items
various photographs of various men in the redwoods
1,081 items
A Glimpse of the Lake
990 items
Multitude of Animals and Foul in a Forest Glen
735 items
97 items
2 items