Object Type “What is it?”

70,229 items
Xray Autoportrait after India
8,472 items
3,923 items
2,825 items
North House (Hlauuma), plate I from Taos Pueblo (San Francisco: Grabhorn Press, 1930)
2,678 items
Plate (assiette unie) with blue and yellow border
2,606 items
2,025 items
Tulip Culture
1,825 items
1,746 items
Weaving box
1,504 items
Wrapping cloth (pojagi)
1,437 items
Taos Pueblo - Book by Mary Austin with 12 original photographs by Ansel Adams (San Francisco: Grabhorn Press, 1930)
1,424 items
Fabric Lenth: "Women with runs in their stockings"
1,169 items
Serving Spoon
1,143 items

Century "When was it made?”

Vessel #2353
1,475 items
41,817 items
Tulip Culture
28,669 items
Plate (assiette unie) with blue and yellow border
10,538 items
9,190 items
Prophet Reading A Scroll
3,568 items
565 items

Country “Where was it made?”

Tulip Culture
34,072 items
Plate (assiette unie) with blue and yellow border
19,466 items
Carpenter with his tools
8,714 items
Faux bois covered pot
6,670 items
Young Herdsman on Horseback
5,363 items
Linden bag containing saki-ori balls
3,982 items
Textile panel
3,345 items
The Cobbler
3,217 items
A Lame Beggar Playing a Hurdy-gurdy and his Wife Singing
1,887 items
1,213 items
Martyrdom of St. Bartholomew
1,086 items
1,082 items
World War I Front Line
763 items
737 items
Mocking of Ceres, reverse copy of Hendrik Goudt’s etching after Adam Elsheimer’s painting
693 items
Heart scarab
664 items
Catastrophe du Mont Cervin
622 items
Entry into the Cabaret
529 items
Salt cellar
518 items
483 items
Man's Wrapper
453 items

Department “Where do we keep it?”

Xray Autoportrait after India
83,184 items
1,164 items
6 stereoscopic cards of San Francisco and California scenes
1,093 items
Tulip Culture
955 items
Portrait de Charles de Verninac
736 items
Ginger Jar with Rosewood and Jade Lid
87 items
Round seashell
1 items