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Yozo Hamaguchi
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Born in Wakayama in 1909. Left Tokyo Art School in 1930 to live in Europe and America, returned to Japan in 1939. Since 1953 has lived in France, mainly in Paris. Died in Tokyo 25 December 2000. Hamaguchi is credited with reviving the mezzotint as a modern expressive medium. He learned the seventeenth century intaglio technique in Paris in the 1930's becoming enchanted with its tonal possibilities. Hamaguchi usually practiced the still life genre, simplifying the elements and suspending them against velvety grounds in a signature style that appealed strongly to western patrons. In 1961 Hamaguchi and his wife, Minami Keiko, moved from Paris to San Francisco. Volk, Alicia. MADE IN JAPAN The Postwar Creative Print Movement. Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Milwaukee Art Museum in association with University of Washington Press, 2005, page 109. (hgs 9/23/08)