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Woodrow Wilson Crumbo (Woody Crumbo)
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Pottawattami Indian, born in Oklahoma. Studied at Wichita State College and University of Oklahoma . Later active at Taos Art Studios, New Mexico. from artist file, an essay by Robert M. Hyatt: "Woody Crumbo attained pre-eminence as the nation's foremost Indian artist through perseverance and a lifetime of study. His efforts reflect the purpose that motivated their creation: that through them the entire Indian race would one day benefit. For Woody believes that if enough people see his work, general interest in all Indian art and craft will result. Out of this interest will grow a steady demand for Indian-made goods. "Born in Oklahoma, Woody attended the Indian schools and later the Universities of Wichita and Oklahoma. He served as art director at Bacone College, the only college for American Indians in the country. Painting in several mediums, he has exhibited in many galleries, has murals in prominent public buildings across the nation, and is represented in numerous permanent exhibitions. In a period of six years he won 14 first prize awards, plus six scholarships. In 1945 he was awarded the coveted Julius Rosenwald Fellowship."