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Utagawa Kunisada
Birth Date: 
Death Date: 
Tsunoda Kunisada. Often known as Toyokuni III. Other names used: Utagawa (Tsunoda), Shozo, Fubo-sanjin, Fu-choran, Gepparo, Gototei, Hokubaiko, Ichiyusai, Kinraisha, Kochoro, Shozo, Tojuen, Toyokuni II. Leading ukiyo-e painter, print artist, illustrator. At 15 he became a pupil of Tokyokuni under the name Kunisada; in 1807, he produced his first book illustrations, in 1808 his first actor prints; from 1833 he studied the style of Itcho under Hanabusa Ikkei, taking the name Kochoro; in 1844 he took over the studio name of Toyokuni. Kunisada was Toyokuni's third notable pupil and one of the leading artists of his day. The general decline of grace and quality in 19th c. figure work is epitomized in his prints, but occasionally in his surimono and his early prints of girls or actors he achieves distinction, and his rare landscapes are some of the most striking works of the period. (From: Richard Lane, Images from the Floating Word, New York 1978, p.295-296)