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Toshi Yoshida
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Eldest son of Hiroshi Yoshida and Fujio.Died July 1995. Yoshida's precocious skill as a printmaker was recognized early by his parents, Yoshida Hiroshi and Yoshida Fujio, themselves printmakers. Yoshida Hiroshi, a pioneer of the shin hanga movement, ran a workshop for block printing that Toshi (the eldest son) eventually took over in 1950. Up to that time, he adhered to his father's representational aesthetic, but soon began to design and print abstract images in the sosaki hanga vein. Yoshida Toshi went on to write (with Yuki Rei) the influential text Japanese Printmaking: A Handbook of Traditional and Modern Techniques (1964). Volk, Alicia. MADE IN JAPAN The Postwar Creative Print Movement. Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Milwaukee Art Museum in association with University of Washington Press, 2005, page 115. (hgs 5/11/09)