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Tim Rollins
Birth Date: 
Birth Place: 
Pittsfield, Maine
Tim Rollins is a Conceptual artist and educator who grew up in Maine. He involves groups of teenagers in the disciplined and purposeful way artists make art. After working as a special education art teacher in a South Bronx (New York) high school, he started an afterschool program that called The Art and Knowledge Workshop. (It is still in existence.) Rollins read to the kids at the workshop while they drew. He was intrigued by the kids’ “artistic intelligence” and started what he called “a strange and stumbling hybrid”-- making art in collaboration with the kids. Rather than incorporating some of their drawings in his art, he educated the kids so they could make their own art choices. The group members, known as “K.O.S.” (Kids of Survival), vary from project to project. Their work is characterized by a youthful, direct approach. They plan, compose and execute art as professional artists do. When Rollins came to Crown Point Press in 1989, he brought four teenagers from a public junior high school in the South Bronx (Richard Cruz, George Garces, Carlos Rivera, and Nelson Savinon). It was the kids' first printmaking experience at a major press. The story of their printmaking project, “The Temptation of Saint Antony I-XIV,” 1989 (nos. 80-93 in the exhibition catalogue, Thirty-Five Years at Crown Point Press: Making Prints, Doing Art) is a tribute to their creativity in the face of the unfamiliar, and to the spirit of creative nurturing that is part of the Crown Point experience. K.O.S. have traveled around the world for exhibitions and often join Rollins in conducting workshops for young people. Rollins and K.O.S. are the subject of a documentary film, “Kids of Survival: The Art and Life of Tim Rollins and K.O.S.,” produced and directed by Daniel Geller and Dayna Goldfine. Their art appears in many museums. In September 1997, Rollins and K.O.S. launched “Prometheus Bound,” a web project for Dia Center for the Arts in New York. This project, along with an extensive biography and bibliography, can be found on the Dia Center’s web page ( EDUCATION: University of Maine (Augusta), A.S., 1976 School of Visual Arts, New York, B.F.A., 1978 New York University, Department of Art Education, 1980