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Picturesque Beauties of Boswell ([London]: E. Jackson … and G. Kearsley, 1786), parts 1 and 2
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2 Volume Book With Etchings
26.2 x 36.2 x 0.5 cm (object)
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The Picturesque Beauties of Boswell was a caricature of James Boswell's 'Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides' (1785), which documented his travels with Samuel Johnson. Each plate is accompanied by a quotation extracted from Boswell's text, which the illustration turns into ridicule. The focus of the satire is on a comparison between the caricature of Boswell as a small, over-eager, laughable man and Johnson's dignified if rather stomping, bored looking figure.
The illustrations were designed by Samuel Collings, and etched by Thomas Rowlandson. The etching is of a high standard, with different sections more heavily bitten than others to emphasize tone, and a rather heavy use of hatching for shaded areas. It is an excellent example of Rowlandson's early etching style.
This is the original paper wrapper to the first part of the book. Lettered 'Picturesque Beauties of Boswell, part the First, containing Ten Prints, Designed and Etched by Two Capital Artists', followed by price, list of illustrations, and publication details.

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