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Approximately 58 animal images from "History of Quadrupeds" 2nd Ed. (1811)
Approximately 58 animal images from "History of Quadrupeds" 2nd Ed. (1811)
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8.2 x 8.7 cm (image)
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Small drawings of fox, stag (red deer), American elk, bloodhound running alongside horsedrawn carriage, foumart, ferret, bear, harrier, fox hound, musk bull, Wallachian sheep, mouflon, common goat, chamois goat, Leicestershire sheep, otter, ring-tailed macauco, kanguroo (stet) rat, water shrew-mouse, dwarf mouse, road marker, water spout from stone pillar, water rat, rat caught in a trap near wall and jug, boy pulling on wheeled seat with girl in it, pied goat, wood goat, springer, flying opossum of New South Wales, spotted oppossum of New South Wales, squirrel opossum, opossum of Van Diemen's Land, elephant (trumpeting), dog barking at a cat atop pile of stones, greyhound fox, jerboa, unidentified sheep shown in stark, wintry landscape and described as being the same as Dunkies, two pairs of horses pulling a carriage with driver whipping them and postboy blowing the horn, wintry landscape with farmer and dog returning to village, dormouse or ground squirrel, polar or great white bear, striped hyena, New South Wales wolf, jackal, Dalmatian or coach dog, Irish greyhound, sable, man carrying huge box on his shoulders as he steps on stumps across a stream, raven or crow looking down at a toad or frog, decorative floral drawing with hint of bird, 2 copies of donkey in primitive branch shelter while nibbling at bale of hay, two monkeys playing teeter-totter using board over barrel, sailboat foundering in icy waters, boat holding standing horse and six persons with two pushing with oars to make it move, dog barking at the foot of pole which holds a sheep on wheel fixture on top, otter-like animal with dead bird, boy riding a goat by holding a horn while waving his hat, huge bird with rabbit in its beak, rocky ledge by stream, snowy farm scene with children in panniers at each side of donkey while dog urinates in the snow, decorative seat for eros-like figure and huge fruitlike ornament on top, monkey crouches before table mirror with straightedge razor in paw, two men and one woman walk along dirt road leading muzzled bear with monkey on its back and leading or carrying five or six small dogs, boy sits on ground by rocks eating his lunch with his dog by his side. (Virginia K. Anderson 03/11/94)