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Shi Guorui
Birth Date: 
Birth Place: 
Shanxi, China
Shi Guori graduated in photography from Nanjing Normal University in 1992. He received wide acclaim at the first Pingyao International Photography Festival (2001) and has been a major presence at that fair in most of its subsequent years. "Donner Pass (2006) was created for the museum's "Collection Connection" project progtram, which presents new works by contemporary artists that aim to reinterpret traditional objects from the de Young's collections and transform the conventional experience of museum visitors. The proiject was the result of a partnership between FAMSF and the For-Site Foundation, a not-for-profit organization that sponsors artist residencies in conjunction with west coast museums. Shi Guorui is best known for his transformation of structures into camera obscuras - room-size pinhole cameras - to capture view of iconic siters oin China that have become hsitorically symbolic reference points. For the VConnections project, he constructed one of his temporary camera obscura structures in the observation deck of the de Young's museum tower. His image documents the latest iconic vista of San Francisco from one of the city's principal tourist destinations. The artist created "Donner Pass (2006)" by sealing the inside of a moving truck with opaque fabric to create a completely light-sealed room, which could be driven outinto the Sierras. A pinhole in the fabric provided the open lens, which cast and inverted and reversed image directly onto a curved sheet of photographic paper positioned inside the truck.The resulting photograph radically changes the viewer's perceptual experience through image reversal, hiugh contrast, extreme depth of field, and impressive scale. Its depth of field brings the entire vista into sharp focus with a visual precision that surpasses the perceptual and ocular limits of the human eye. In addition, its massive scale, which cannot be taken in with a single glance, further emphsizes this limitation of humamn vision.