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Riyo Sato
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Exhibition at SF Museum of Art: 6/8-28, 1936 Oakland Sketch Club exhibition 2-10/3-1, 1942 San Francisco Art Association Drawings and Prints exhibition She was interned at Heart Mountain where she was an instructor for evening adult art classes. The only other information is probably what you know--that the piece from the deYoung (which is, I'm sure, what you've got there at the Achenbach) was a WPA work, and I believe was in an exhibition at the deYoung entitled "Watercolors Allocated by Federal Arts Project to the deYoung" 2/5/43 (Sato's piece was entitled "Good Old Summertime". Other works shown then were 10 watercolors by Dong Kingman, Mine Okubo's Old Building #1 and Shizo Utsunomiya, "Tug Boats".) (Source: Sharon Spain, of the California Asian American Artists Biographical Survey, Stanford University) Student at CCAC in 1934. The census book indicated that Riyo Sato was internee # 9748, family # 31969, address was not given but may have been Block 24, barrack 9, apartment D, born, 6/4/13. a citizen, a woman, originally entered from Santa Anita Assembly Center, from Palo Alto, 9/14/ 42. She left 6/22/43 for Cleveland, Ohio. In the Heart Mountain Sentinel (the camp news paper) she is listed as an internee assistant in art at the high school, 4/24/43, p.8. Shingo Nishuway(sp) was head and Benji Okuda and Hideo Date are also listed. They were involved with the Art Students League. I did find another reference to Riyo, Art Students League, Sentinel, 11/21/42, p.6. (Source: LaDonna Zall, of the Heart Mountain Wyoming Foundation,