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Richard Ranft
Birth Date: 
Birth Place: 
Plainplais, Switzerland
Death Date: 
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A Swiss etcher and engraver working in Paris during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Richard Ranft was also a painter and illustrator. He studied in Geneva with Eugène Sordet (1836-1915) and Alfred Dumont (1828-1894) and in Paris with Gustave Courbet (1819-1877). He exhibited at the Salon des Indépendants and was a member of the Société des Beaux-Arts. He produced black-and-white and color etchings that illustrated books by various authors as well as books of which he was the author. He contributed etchings to various portfolios of prints, including one in 1894 to L’Estampe originale (The Original Print, 1893-1895) published by André Marty (1857-?) another to L’Estampe moderne (The Modern Print) of Charles Masson and Henri Piazza in 1897 and a third in 1899 to L’Estampe nouvelle (The New Print) published by Eugène Rodrigues and Roger Marx (1859-1913). Ranft also created reproductive engravings after paintings of J. M. W. Turner (1775-1851). (TNB 6/2010) Selected bibliography: Bailly-Herzberg, Janine. Dictionnaire de l’estampe en France, 1830–1950, pp. 175–6. Paris, 1985. Bénézit, Emmanuel. Dictionary of Artists, vol. 11, p. 661. Paris: Gründ, 2006.