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Plate IV from Marriage a la Mode
Plate IV from Marriage a la Mode
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Image: 508 x 635 mm (20 x 25 in.); mm ( in.); mm ( in.)
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Catherine D. Wentworth Collection

Copy after Hogarth; dressing room scene. Man at right -- wearing collar and robe resembling those of a pastor's -- gestures toward a folding triptych painting with one hand and with the other holds out slips of paper reading "1 door, 2 door, 3 door." The young woman he speaks to is having her hair done as she sits before her dressing table; a young man with comb behind his ear heats a curling iron (?). A bonneted young woman bows before an ornately-dressed man singing at left, who has earrings and large bows at the front and back of his neck; his many-ringed hands hold a large book from which he reads. At his feet are playing cards and cards with various notes and names on them. The bonneted young woman is being offered a cup of chocolate with cookie by young black serving-man. Three other men sit near the man who is reading: one has fallen asleep while smoking his long-stemmed pipe; one listens with appreciation as he holds his cup of chocolate with cooky; the third sips his chocolate but presents a strange appearance with seven little horns sprouting from his head. Behind these men is a fluteplayer making music. On the walls are a portrait of the man wearing clerical collar, plus three paintings of mythological scenes. In the foreground a small black (or East Indian?) boy gleefully rummages through the contents of a basket; these include a man-deer (labeled Lot 1000), a lidded vase, a tray showing Leda and the Swan and with the name of Julio Romano. Beside the basket are assorted bowls and carved/ceramic figures, some with Lot 7, Lot 8 etc. "A Catalogue of the Entire Collection of the Late Sir Timothy Babyhouse to be Sold by Auction" also lies open on the floor. (Virginia K. Anderson 02/06/95)

Contemporaneous Works “Art from the same century and country”