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Poul Rytter
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Poul Rytter was born in Copenhagen in 1895. His father was Rasmus Peter Rytter and his mother, Marie Madsen Merrild. Poul was the oldest of their three sons. At age 18, he was admitted into the Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. Soon afterwards his first works were accepted for exhibition at Charlottenborg and Kunstnernes Frie Udstilling. By age 24 he had sold works to the British Museum and Victoria and Albert Museum in England. In 1927, Poul settled in Jutland in the western Denmark, and within several years, he built the house 'Glarbjerg' of his own design. In 1934, he married Magny who gave birth to his only son, Erik, in 1936. He and his wife joined the resistance movement during WWII. Afterward, Poul entered into a cooperative relationship with the well known architect, Preben Hempel, and remained active as an artist until his death in 1965. He was buried in the churchyard in Husby.