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Pietro della Vecchia
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A prolific and talented 17th-century Venetian painter, Pietro della Vecchia created paintings on a variety of historical, mythological and religious subjects and portraits. He also created designs for mosaics installed in St. Marks, Venice, over a period of more than thirty years. He could mimic the styles of 16th century painters to the extent that his works are sometimes confused with those of the earlier masters. Probably born in Vicenza in 1603, he descended from a prominent Venetian family. Scholars think he may have trained with Carlo Saraceni (ca. 1579-1620) and may have traveled to Rome in the early 1620s. An early 18th-century biography states that he trained with Alessando Varotari (called Padovanino, 1588-1649). Many of his works show the influence of Michelangelo Mersi da Caravaggio (1571-1610). His paintings were installed in churches in Treviso, Venice and Verona. He died n Venice on September 6, 1678. (TNB 4/2013) Selected Bibliography: Aikema, Bernard. Pietro della Vecchia and the Heritage of the Renaissance in Venice. Florence: Istituto universitario olandese di storia dell'arte, 1990. Bénézit, Emmanuel. Diuctionnaire des Peintres, Sculpteurs, Dessinateurs et Graveurs. Vol. 10, pp. 52-53. Paris: Editions Gründ, 1999. Thieme, Ulrich and Felix Becker, Allgemeines Lexikon der Bidenden Künstler von der Antike bis zur Gegenwart, vol. XXV, pp. 300-301. Leipzig: E. A. Seeman, 1931.