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Christoffel van Sichem II
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A 17th-century Dutch woodcut artist, Christoffel van Sichem II was the son of the Dutch artist Chirstoffel van Sichem I (1546-1624). Known primarily for his book illustrations, he also created prints in series, such as The Youth of Christ series after after other artists, including Hendnrick Goltzius (1558-1617). Born in Basel, he moved with his family to Amsterdam in 1598, where he worked for the rest of his life. His best-known book is the Dutch language Biblia Sacra, published in Antwerp and and Amsterdam in 1657, sometimes known as the van Sichem Bible. His son Christofffel van Sichem III (1618-1659) probably collaborated with him on the work. The book was published as the Armenian Bible in Amsterdam in 1664. Sichem II and his son also probably collaborated on a series of Biblilcal prints after prints by the Flemish printmakeers (and brothers) Antoon Wierix II (1555/59-1604) and Hieronymus Wierix (1553-1619). (TNB 10/2012)