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Mars (pseudonym of Maurice Bonvoisin)
Birth Date: 
Birth Place: 
Verviers, Belguim
Death Date: 
Death Place: 
A Belgian illustrator whose drawings and etchings were published in English and French journals and in a number of albums, Maurice Bonvoisin made his Parisian debut under the pseudonym “Mars” in the Journal Amusant in late 1872 or early 1873 and Le Chivari in 1873. He later appeared in other Parisian journals such as l’Illustration and la Vie Moderne and in the Illustrated London News. His illustrations showed elegant society at the race track, the seaside and in expositions in Brussels and Paris and his albums included views of London, Nice and Paris and the French and Belgian seacoast. (TNB 5/2010) Selected bibliography: Bénézit, Emmanuel. Dictionary of Artists, vol. 9, p. 331. Paris: Gründ, 2006. Grand-Carteret, J. Les Moeurs et la Caricature en Fance, p. 657. Paris: La Librairie Illustrée, 1888.