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H. R. Mallinson & Company
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Firm founded in 1915 by Hiram Royal Mallinson (d. 1931), formerly a salesman. Known at his death as "The Silk King", Mallinson established himself as a purveyor of high quality American made silk and silk blend staples and novelties. He was a master of publicity giving his fabrics and patterns widely publicized trade names which were printed on the selvedge (partly to foil copies). Pattern names often reflected current events. He also pioneered the use of celebrities in his advertising. He sold his textiles in America and Europe. Mme. Vionnet was a customer. The company was at its most successful before the Depression. Mallinson died suddenly at the company headquarters in 1931. Although production continued, the threat of rayon and ready-to-wear took its toll, and the company filed for bankruptcy in 1936. It became a print converter in 1937, and was subsumed into Burlington Mills in 1955.