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Paul Mansouroff
Birth Date: 
Birth Place: 
St Petersburg
Death Date: 
Death Place: 
Nice, France
Paul Andréevitch Mansouroff (Павел Мансуров) (Born in Saint-Petersburg in 1896 – died in Nice, France, 2 February 1983) was an understated painter of the Russian avant-garde movement of the 1920s. Mansouroff's contribution to the avant-garde in Russia was a wholly non-objective art that used elongated vertical surfaces to explore questions of space and spatial correlations. « My works have no subject and are exclusively abstract, and if something can be identified, it is only the result of pure coincidence.» Mansouroff, Galerie Daniel Gervis, 1968. Influenced by his friends, Malevich and Tatlin, Mansouroff makes his first public exhibit of his abstract work in 1918 at Winter Palace in Leningrad. However, Mansouroff, quickly moved away from the influence of his entourage and developed a more personal and instinctive style. Mansouroff is known for his paintings on wood referred to as “Pictural formulae”. From the 1950s, he starts making frequent trips to Nice and Saint-Paul de Vence. He will settle there 1975 and dies in Nice on 2 February 1983. [edit]