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Master J. B. or I. B.
Birth Date: 
Death Date: 
Engraver; early 16th century; One of the best of Little Masters; c.1490 -1530?, active c.1523-1530; Bartsch VIII (Illustrated Vol. 16: erroneously confused Georg Pencz; about 50 engravings; for a full discussion on the identity of the Monogrammist IB see D. Landau, Georg Pencz, 1978, pp. 10-18. He concludes that he was an artist trained in the workshop of Durer at Nuremberg and that most of his works were excuted before 1530 at which stage Pencz, with whom he has often been confused in the past, was just beginning to concentrate on engraving. The Illustrated Bartsch still persists in identifying him as Georg Pencz.; Christies 12/05/1985 Chatsworth prints