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David Lance Goines
Birth Date: 
Birth Place: 
Grants Pass, Oregon
Artist, calligrapher and printer of fine books. Lives in Berkeley, CA where he heads the Saint Heironymous Press; his San Francisco dealers are Thackrey & Robertson, 2266 Union Street, San Francisco, 94123 Goines is a poster maker in the traditional sense. Clients approach him with commissions for posters (to announce events, publicize a business, or etc.). This public aspect of his work is combined with uncompromised aesthetic integrity, and thus has created a true modern revival of the medium of fine poster art. The technical excellence for which Goines is known is an inherent part of his works' appeal. Many contemporary poster makers send their designs to contracted commercial printers to be mechanical processing. Goines, however, does all his own production. He uses photo-offset lithography, as opposed to the usual four color separation process of modern offset printing, which results in the familiar overall dot pattern. Goines makes a separate solid tone plate for each color he uses, ranging in number from four to twenty-five. The colors created by this painstaking process are extraordinarily subtle and complex.