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Gerhard Fietz
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Born in Brealau, 1910 Gerhard Fietz painted from the beginning of his professional training in 1930 up to his death. His lifework differs through his various life periods strongly, it developed continuously, especially in reflections of the past. Following on his early works, which he destroyed, Fietz did some drawings in Russia. In 1949, he joined the artists group ZEN 49 which resulted in abstract experiments and pronunciations. Another part of his work concerns with the meaning of symbols in an image, yet another clarifies abstract and structural forms. In the 1960s, a retrospect of his experiences in the war deals with the picture of human being and the myth of Ikarus. Following on, the artist works with geometric compositions. A last productive phase after his retirement from lecturing at the Hochschule für bildende Künste (HdK) in Berlin, separates in three groups: law of being, chaos and the search for the absolute work of art. 
Gerhard Fietz (1910-1997) is one of the well-known German artists of the post -war period. As a member of ZEN 49, he influenced the reorganizing arts of the early 1950s strongly. Later on, he worked not only as active artist but even on the development and the possibilities of abstract arts in a spiritual and art-theoretical way. More than 60 exhibitions, numerous contributions to group exhibitions, lectures on well-known academies and several awards show an impressive artists career.