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Lilly Daché
Birth Date: 
Birth Place: 
Beigles, France
Death Date: 
Death Place: 
Early apprenticeships with Parisian milliners Suzanne Talbot, Caroline Reboux, and Georgette. Arrives in America 1919, first doing business in Philadelphia. In 1924, she finds work in New York City, designing hats for the Bonnet Shop and Macy's. Purchases the Bonnet Shop with a partner and begins her custom-made business. Buys out her partner. Marries Jean Despres in 1931. Newly designed shop at 56th Street and Park Avenue opens 1937 and wins architectural award. Hit by a two-year union dispute 1941 - 1943. The hairstylist Kenneth opens a salon within the Lily Dache store in 1955. Halston hired in 1958. Dache also designed hosiery and clothing from 1948 on. Retired and closes her shop in 1968-1969. Returns to France and dies in 1989. This biography is based on timeline from FIT's 2007 exhibition: Lilly Dache: Glamour at the Drop of a Hat.