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Robert Crumb
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Comic artist. No formal study of art or teaching. Began drawing at an early age. While still in his early teens, he and his brother drew single issue comics for fun. Among these was "Fritz the Cat" which Robert would later draw for "Help" magazine. In 1962, Crumb and his family moved to Cleveland and he went to work for the American Greeting Card Company. He married his first wife, Dana, in 1964 and began work for other entities, including the aforementioned "Help" magazine, where he worked with/for one his greatest influences, comic artist and "Mad Magazine" co-creator Harvey Kurtzman. Crumb moved to San Francisco in 1966 and immediately met with many other up-and-coming comic artists including Rick Griffin, Spain Rodriguez, S. Clay Wilson and Victor Moscoso. "Zap Comix" #0 was published in 1967. A smash hit, Crumb and the other artists became overnight sensations. In 1978 he met and married Aline Kominsky, a cartoonist with whom he created "Weirdo" magazine. In the mid-80s Crumb's career took a turn when he became recognized as an international cult hero, appearing in Newsweek, People and other magazines, and appearing on BBC-TV. In 1990 the Museum of Modern Art, in New York City, included his work in an exhibit called "High and Low" which also featured work by other cartoonists, including George Herriman. Crumb moved permanently to France in the late 80s where he lives in a home for which he traded six of his notebooks.