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Luca Cambiaso
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Also called Luchetto da Genova (Cangiaso) or il Luchetto. Genoese painter and engraver and the first master of a native school at Genoa. Son of a painter, Giovanni Cambiaso. His early style was strongly influenced by the frescoes of Perino del Vaga and Pordenone in the Doria palace at Genoa, but his mature style was distinctive and original. He completed an immense amount of work in fresco for Genoese churches and palaces, sometimes working along with his father and later with Giambattista Castello from whom he learned much about space composition, drawing, and color. His early Mannerist style changed over time to a calmer, more measured sense of pattern, and some of his later "nocturnes" had a profound influence on baroque painting. He was brought to Spain by Phillip II to succeed Castello in painting frescoes at the Escorial, and remained there until his death. Worked in Genoa, and at the court of Philip II in Spain.