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Günter Brus
Birth Date: 
Born in Ardning, Austria in 1938; 1953-57 in Graz at the School of Arts and Crafts; moves to Vienna in 1957, attends the Academy for Applied Arts, but does not complete the course; 1961, nine months military service; 1964, first Aktionen, painting his own body; 1965, walks through the center of Vienna painted white, stopped & fined by police; takes part in "Destruction in Art Symposium" in London, 1966; 1968, sentenced after a trial by jury to 6 months imprisonment for insulting Austrian symbols and committing indecent and immoral acts; 1969, new hearing before a Court of Appeal, sentence reduced, flees with family to West Berlin; 1972, meets Arnulf Meifert, the beginning of a fruitful exchange of ideas; 1977, new accusation by Austrain authorities of pornography & blasphemy. Invitation to take part in Dokumenta VI in Kassel (contribution withdrawn); takes part in Dokumenta VII, 1982, Biennales at Paris and Baden-Baden, 1985;