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Maison Virot
Madame Virot was a prominent Parisian milliner known for her close association with the couturier Worth. She began as a millinery assistant to Madame Laure. Her husband, M. Virot, was a sometime sculptor and full-time art collector, amassing an enormous collection and housing it in a magnificent mansion at the corner of Blvd. Malesherbes and Blvd. de Courcelles. She achieved her greatest fame at her shop at 8 rue de la Paix, precipitated by the purchase of one of her bonnets by the Empress Eugenie. Earlier references name the firm as Paul Virot et Berthe, located at 33 rue de 4 Septembre. There is some indication that her husband dealt in art objects and curios alongside her hats at the beginning. - TDaly 7/10