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Maekawa Senpan
Birth Date: 
Birth Place: 
Kyoto, Japan
Death Date: 
Born in Kyoto. Studied at Kansai Art Academy. Co-founder of Japan Creative Print Society (Sosaku Hanga) in 1919. Member of Japan Print Society since 1931. When Maekawa moved to Tokyo, he established himself as a cartoonist and illustrator. Maekawa was self-taught as a printmaker and depicted traditional subjects such as hot springs, country festivals, and mountain villages with an innovative flat-chisel carving technique. In the postwar years, American collectors became interested in his work, and he was able to make a living as a printmaker. Volk, Alicia. MADE IN JAPAN The Postwar War Creative Print Movement. Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Milwaukee Art Museum in association with University of Washington Press, 2005, page 111. (hgs 9/23/08) Note: Name on 4- D records corrected from Sempan to Maekawa Senpan per Volk and Merritt, Helen. Modern Japanese Woodblock Prints, The Early Years. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 1990. See file for more references supporting change. (hgs 6/12/09)