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Lucas van Leyden
Birth Date: 
Birth Place: 
Leiden, Netherlands
Death Date: 
Death Place: 
Lucas Hugensz van Leyden. Northern Renaissance painter and one of the greatest engravers of his time. Pupil of his father Huygh Jacobsz (and therefore sometimes known as Lucas Huyghsz). Also pupil of Cornelis Engelbrechtsz. Studied in Antwerp with Dürer 1521, 1527 known in Zeeland, Flanders, Brabant and in Middelburg with Jan Gossaert. In 1510, under the influence of Albrecht Dürer, Lucas produced two masterpieces of engraving, "The Milkmaid" and "Ecce Homo," the latter much admired by Rembrandt. Their sureness of line and modeling complement their strong, simple compositions and place them among the mostforceful engravings of their time. In 1521 Lucas met Dürer in Antwerp and again fell under his influence, as can be seen in the "Passion" series of the same year. Lucas may have learned the technique of etching from Dürer, for he produced a few etchings after their meeting. But Lucas himself is thought to have developed the technique of etching on copper, instead of iron, plates. Lucas was also among the first to employ aerial perspective in prints.