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Lala Eve Rivol
Birth Date: 
Birth Place: 
New York, NY
Death Date: 
Death Place: 
San Diego, CA
Commercial artist, resident in SF in 1938. (Hughes, Artists in California, 1989) Lala Eve Rivol was a Bohemian artist commissioned by the WPA (Works Project Administration) during the Depression, to record rock art sites in the western United States. She visited many Chumash and southwestern rock art sites and painted sketches of the rock paintings and petroglyphs, at a time before these sites were impacted by later vandalism. Sites represented in the book include Chumash pictograph sites at Painted Rock on the Carrizo Plains, Mutau Flat, Painted Cave on San Marcos Pass, Salt Creek, Salisbury Potrero, Wheeler Ridge, Yokuts pictographs on the Tule Indian Reservation, and petroglyph sites in Nevada and Arizona, including Hieroglyph Canyon in the Superstition Mountains. (Freeman, The Rock Art Lithographs of Lala Eve Rivol, 1997)