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Fabric length: "John McEnroe"
Fabric length: "John McEnroe"
Not on display
Silk, Wool, Synthetic Yarn; Compound Weave (Jacquard Woven)
274.3 x 72.4 cm (108 x 28 1/2 in.)
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North America
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Gift of Katherine Westphal

Exhibition History:

Gifts from the Gods: Art and the Olympic Ideal, CPLH 2012-13

A fabric length woven on a Jacquard loom when the artist was in residence at the Rhode Island School of Design in 1988. The design is a non-geometric repeating pattern inspired by a photograph of tennis player John MacInroe hitting a ball and is woven with a gray weft of synthetic yarn with multi-colored metallic (?) flecks on a warp of silk and wool yarns. The same warp, which consists of repeating bands of multiple colors of gray, was used for all of the jacquard fabrics Westphal and her husband Ed Rossbach wove as part of the Rhode Island project, although this is not at all apparent in the finished textiles, which are visually very different from each other. The artist intended to make a jacket from the fabric but was unable to cut it or any other of her Jacquard fabrics. This is in sharp contrast to her painted and dyed fabrics, which she readily cuts into pieces for use in larger assembledges. Westphal notes that although she is not a weaver and always preferred the freedom of "surface design" techniques, she she thoroughly enjoyed designing for the Jaquard loom.--(From a personal interview with Katherine Westphal by Diane Mott on 3/18/2007)

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