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The Mouse and the Woman by Dylan Thomas (San Diego: Brighton Press, 1988)
The Mouse and the Woman by Dylan Thomas (San Diego: Brighton Press, 1988)
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Book With 19 Woodcuts: 17 Woodcuts In Text,1 Woodcut On Colophon Page,1 Woodcut On Cloth With Hand-coloring By The Artist As The Cover , Plus Slipcase
Object: 257 x 178 x 22 mm (10 1/8 x 7 x 7/8 in.)
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North America
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Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Gerald D. Kohs through the Artist Book Council

various small illustrations depicting: man and a woman resting on hillside covered with flowers, bird approaching a house on a hill; man gesturing toward a group of rabbits in a hole; a large flower surrounded by a fence on a hill; two dogs chasing a rabbit through a forest; two birds flying around a leafy tree; woman in a long dress lying on the ground as a man in front of her hides his face with a large flower; smoke comes from the chimney of a h ouse on a cliff above the ocean; a mouse; a man walks hunched over in barren landscape with a starr sky overhead; the lower half of a clothed but barefoot man elevates from the ground where two large flowers grow; a dog jumps over a mound from which a rabbit emerges; the heads and whiskers of three rats emerge from a terraced mound; a man with a pen in his hand looks over a book as a flowering potted plant entwines his head and shoulders; the tail of a mouse sticks out of a mouse hole in the floor moulding and partially covers the face of a woman; a bird in a cage; (cover): landscape with fruit trees, a bird, the tail of a mouse