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Jacques Linard
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Jacque Linard was a still-life painter in Paris, active during the second quarter of the 17th century. He was baptized on September 6, 1597 in Paris. He is mentioned in a 1626 document and his earliest dated painting is from 1627. Some twenty of his paintings survive dated from 1627 to 1644, including the Still Life of Exotic Shells on a Boîte de Copeaux, from 1621-1624, in the collection of the Fine Arts Museums. He sometimes repeated themes; two virtually-identical works, The Five Senses, are in the Norton Simon Museum, Pasadena and the Musée des Beaux Artes, Strasbourg. He apparently moved in an upper-class social strata, and was appointed Valet de Chambre du Roi in 1631, giving him some financial security. Linard was buried in a lavish funeral on September 12, 1645. (TNB 5/2013). Selected Bibliography: Rosenberg, Pierre. France in the Golden Age: Seventeenth-Century French Paintings in American Collections. Exhibition catalog, pp. 275-276. New York: Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1982.