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Hideo Hagiwara
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Death Date: 
Born 1913 in Kofu, Yamanashi, north of Mt. Fuji, spent early years (to 1929) in Korea, graduated from Tokyo Arts School, 1938 While a student of painting at Tokyo School of Fine Arts in the 1930s, Hagiwara learned the art of woodblock printing from Hiratsuka Unichi and consequently worked at the Takamizawa Woodblock Print Company. He began to practice printmaking himself in the immediate postwar period, while recovering from a serious illness. Embracing abstraction in the late 1950's, Hagiwara earned an international reputation and in 1979 took up the chairmanship of the Japan Print Association. Among his innovations in woodblock printing was a method of pre-printing the reverse side of the paper to provide a base for colors later printed on the recto.Volk, Alicia. MADE IN JAPAN The Postwar Creative Print Movement. Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Milwaukee Art Museum in association with University of Washington Press, 2005, page 108. (hgs 9/23/08)