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Henri Edmond Cross
Birth Date: 
Death Date: 
Born in Douai, May 20, 1856. Died at Lavandou May 16, 1910 Cross was born with the surname Delacroix, which he found to be problematic as a young French artist. Since his mother was English, he Anglicized his name in 1881. Cross studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Lille, and in Paris with Francois Bonvin. In 1884 he helped organize the Salon des Independants, where Georges Seurat exhibited his first painting in the divisionist style. Inspired by this new work, Cross abandoned his academic style and became a follower of Seurat. As a member of the group variously called the divisionists, pointillists, or neoimpressionists, Cross utilized a technique of juxtaposing small dots of pure color to define objects and planes and to create effects of light and shadow.