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Gen Yamaguchi
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Born in Shizuoka, lived in Nomazu, Shizuoka Prefecture. Studied under Koshiro Onchi. Member of Japan Print Society and Kokuga-kai. Yamaguchi, born into a wealthy merchant family, had the freedom to nurture his artistic career and other personal convictions. After listening to a missionary as a child, he became a Christian himself and adhered to that faith throughtout his life. A meeting with Fujimori Shizuo in Taiwan in 1914 sparked Yamaguchi's interest in printmaking, and in 1923 he became a pupil of Onchi Koshiro's. Like Onchi, Yamaguchi experimentally applied materials such as leaves and other objects to his woodblocks. Volk, Alicia. MADE IN JAPAN The Postwar Creative Print Movement. Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Milwaukee Art Museum in association with University of Washington , 2005, page 114. (hgs 4/10/09)