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G. Lekegian and Company
french (working in cairo)
Birth Place: 
French 19th century photographer Garabed (?) Lekegian Official photographer of the British Army of Occupation. G. Lekegian and Company established a studio in Cairo in 1887 and rapidly developed a reputation for quality work. A prolific photographer, Lekegian signed most of his photographs “Photographic Artistique G. Lekegian & Co”, and most of his imagery was aimed at the art market. Lekegian albums and prints can be found today in many major photographic collections. His portfolio included landscape views, documentation of antiquities and commissioned work. Lekegian regularly entered photographic competitions, winning the Gold Medal at the International Photography Exhibition in Paris in 1892,and the Grand Prize at the International Exhibition in Chicago in 1893. from Armenians held a virtual monopoly on the profession, following in the footsteps of G. Lekegian, who had arrived from Istanbul around 1880. The situation of Lekegian's studio near the legendary Shepheard's Hotel gradually turned the area between Qasr al-Nil Street and Opera Square into a golden triangle of Cairo photography. The dominance of Armenians in this field no longer appears strange when seen in the context of an Egypt where a quasi-guild system still existed and certain professions were the exclusive domain of specific communities. The Greeks ran the cafés and grocery stores; the Italians had engineering and print shops; the Maltese were lawyers or journalists. With an oriental sensibility but free of any religious prohibition on representational imagery, the Armenians were probably best placed to introduce and develop this latest manifestation of western technology in Egypt.