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Frede Vidar
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The following is from Karen Vidar Michel, the daughter of Frede Vidar : My father lived from 1911 to 1967. He was born in Denmark and came to this country at the age of 12. He was a painter, a muralist, a journalist, military combat artist and a teacher. His paintings hang in New York's Museum of Modern Art, the National Gallery of Denmark, and he is in many important collections. His murals decorate San Francisco's Coit tower, the Abbot Laboratories and other buildings. Since 1929 my father's work has been in one-man shows in Paris, New York, Barcelona, Brussels and Melbourne. In 1935, he won the Chaloner Foundation's biennial prize for three years of study in Paris, and in 1946, he received the John Simon Guggenheim fellowship. Two years later, he was commissioned to execute a fresco in the Byzantine mural form at the holy city near Mount Athos and twenty years later, he received a University of Michigan faculty grant to execute an interpretive pictorial study of Mount Athos in Greece, considered to be the last remnant of Byzantine culture. Later he was an artist and correspondent for "Life" and "Fortune" magazines. He was a professor at the University of Michigan until his death, and he continued to paint until the end. I hope this information will be of use, I have always thought my father was a great artist and I hate to see him become forgotten. (