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Francois Joseph Bosio
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An exceptionally talented sculptor of the neoclassical period, Bosio was supported by Honore 1, prince of Monaco, which enabled him to study in Paris under Augustin Pajou (1730-1809) and to establish himself as a portraitist. His career was interrupted by military service during the Revolution but was resumed later while he lived in Florence, Rome, and Naples. Returning to Paris in 1807, Bosio was commissioned to create a bust of the Empress Josephine. Thereafter, the artist did not lack for work, producing portraits of both republicans and members of the French aristocracy. From Napoleon I Bosio received the Legion of Honor and the title of First Sculptor. Later he was given a baronetcy by Charles X. In addition to portraiture, Bosio carved such works as Hercules Wrestling Achelous, now in the gardens of the Tuileries, and the monument to Louis XVI in the Chapelle Expeatoire. Perhaps his most avant-garde work is the lovely proto-abstract bust of his daughter, the marquise de la Carre.