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Francisco X. Camplis
"Biography: I am a native San Franciscan of Mexican descent. Soy Chicano. I am married and have 2 children and grandchildren. I am a US Navy veteran and a retired federal employee. I received my BS and MA degrees from USF and Stanford University, respectively. Over the years, I attended art and media classes at various academic art institutes throughout the Bay Area. I was the art director for Casa Hispana de Bellas Artes (1966-69), and founding member of, Artes 6, (1969), Galeria de la Raza (1970), Cine Accion (1975), and Xitlalli danza Tradicional (1981). I served on the Mayor's advisory committee to the San Francisco Arts Commission. My art and photography has been shown in Mexico City, D.F., Europe, and in museums and galleries in Los Angeles and San Francisco. My interests are oil painting, drawing, lithography, photography, filmmaking (video), animation, and sculpture. I have taught bilingual figure construction drawing classes to youngsters and adults. Throughout the years, I have learned a lot from my students and I hope they have learned a few things from me." (artist biography from website