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Enrique Martinez Celaya
Birth Date: 
Enrique Martínez Celaya (born June 9, 1964) is a contemporary artist who works in painting, sculpture, photography, poetry, and prose, presented in contexts he often refers to as "cycles" or "environments." His artistic work examines the complexities and mysteries of individual experience, particularly in its relation to nature and time, and explores the question of authenticity revealed in the relationships and tensions between personal imperatives, social conditions, and universal circumstances. These examinations often result in comprehensive projects addressing memory, familiarity, attachment, love, death, and longing. Although his thinking is influenced by literature and philosophy, his work regards the subjective experience and practical responsibilities of everyday life rather than follows trends in cultural practices and critical theory. His work has been the subject of several monographic publications including Enrique Martínez Celaya, 1992-2000 (Wienand Verlag: Cologne, 2001), Enrique Martínez Celaya: Working Methods'' (Ediciones Polígrafa: Barcelona, 2013) and Martínez Celaya: Work and Documents 1990-2015 (Radius Books: Santa Fe, 2016).