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Dorothy Bowman
Birth Date: 
Birth Place: 
Hollywood, CA
XX century California. Born in Hollywood 1927. Lives in Big Sur, California. biographical sketch by former Achenbach Foundation for Graphic Arts Director, E. Gunter Troche, for the International Graphic Arts Society: "Dorothy Bowman was born in Hollywood.  She studied in Los Angeles at the Chouinard Institute with Jean Charlot, and at the Jepson Institute with Rico Lebrun.  A sequence of awards and public purchases, including a previous IGAS publication, have marked her rising reputation.  She lives now at Big Sur on California's most enchanted coast. "Dorothy Bowman specializes in serigraphs with a Californian flavor.  She has been able to give to this technique an intricacy of design and a luminescence of color seldom reached by others.  The recent cityscapes of Dorothy Bowman are aglow with excitement in their moody yet stimulating contrasts." see more info in artist file.