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Daniel Buren
Birth Date: 
Birth Place: 
Boulogne-Billancourt, France
Daniel Buren is a French Installation artist known for placement of stripes in interior and exterior locations throughout the world. According to Michael Archer, author of ART SINCE 1960 (Thames and Hudson, 1997), Buren "adopted the candy stripe as a sign of art's presence...(and) quoted and emphasized the French writer Maurice Blanchot's phrase, 'a work of art of which nothing can be said, except that it is'." The artist's constant use of stripes began in 1966 with the creation of the group BMPT (Buren - Mosset - Parmentier - Torini). Buren, Niele Toroni and Olivier Mosset agreed that each would make one painting over and over--whatever the situtation, which caused critics to question the originality of Buren's art. Buren's popular work, "Les deux plateau", (1986), ten striped columns installed at the Palais Royale, Paris, was commissioned and financed by the French Ministery of Culture. In March 1970 the artist had a blue and white stripe poster pasted in the upper right corner of the Arts & Entertainments advertising panel in 130-plus Paris Metro stations. (Photographs of the panels were published in the book, Legend I.) He considered this a fragmented work- in-progress. Since the late 60's, Buren's work has been concerned with “site”. He considered the question of presentation: WHERE art could be placed, and WHAT CONSEQUENCES might follow from the choice of different sites (e.g., a domestic, commercial or gallery space, or exterior versus interior position such as a wall or billboard). His work seeks to reveal the particularities of an exhibition site, including its defects and contradictions (see GROUP EXHIBITIONS 1990-1997: Witte de With, Center for Contemporary Art, Rotterdam). AWARDS include: 1965 - Prix de la Biennale des Jeunes de Paris SELECTED ONE-PERSON EXHIBITIONS include: 1990-1997 -Kunstsammlung, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Düsseldorf -Musee d’Art Contemporain, Lyon -Mito Art Center, Mito, Japan 1980-1989 -The Art Institute, Detroit -Le Nouveau Musee, Lyon, France -Musee d'Art Modern de la Ville de Paris -Kunstalle, Bern, Switzerland -The Brooklyn Museum -John Weber Gallery, New York 1970-1979 -University Art Museum, Berkeley, California -National Gallery of Victoria Museum, Australia -Padiglione D'Arte Moderna di Milano, Italy -Otis Art Institute, Los Angeles -ICA Museum, London SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITIONS include: 1990-1997 -Thirty-Five Years at Crown Point Press: Making Prints, Doing Art, National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C. (June-September, 1997), FAMSF (October 1997-January 1998) -Programmation videos/art contemporain, Centre culturel du Crous, Reims -Guest curator of the exhibition, “L'oeuvre a-t-elle lieu?”, (Does the Work Take Place?), Witte de With, Center for Contemporary Art, Rotterdam, The Netherlands (April - May 1994). Each year, since its inception in 1990, Witte de With invites an artist to curate an exhibition according to his or her choice. The fourth artist given this opportunity was Buren. He invited eight artists to participate according to his rules, e.g., he told them the exhibition would take place in an "abstract" space but concealed the site name and location, cutting the artists off from context and giving them freedom to create their “own exhibition space." -Prints Made at Crown Point Press, Tate Gallery, London -Livres d'artistes, Galerie Mansart, Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris 1980-1989 -Installation Prints: Three Approaches to Walls, organized by Crown Point Press in association with Margaret Roeder, a gallery owner and vanguard dealer for performance and Conceptural artists who represented CPP publications in Europe and New York. (traveled) -Thoughts and Actions, Laforet Museum, Tokyo, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Japan -Pier and Ocean: Concepts of Space, organized by the Arts Council of Great Britain (traveled) -Print in Parts, Crown Point Press, New York -Recent Acquisitions, Print Room, Museum of Modern Art, New York 1970-1979 -Europe in the 70's: Aspects of Recent Work (traveled) -Sydney Biennale, Australia -Printsequence, Museum of Modern Art, New York