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The Burial of St. Peter
The Burial of St. Peter
Not on display
Wool, Silk; Tapestry Weave
248.9 x 124.5 cm (98 x 49 in.)
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Abbe Aux Costeaux, before 1787 (bequeathed to his servant)
M. Peaucelle of Beauvais, 1854 (acquired from the servant's daughter)
Bacri collection, Paris, 1924
Crocker collection, before 1959
Margaret Brokaw Adams

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Bequest of Marguerite Brokaw Adams

Exhibition History:

Gallery Rotation, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, Legion of Honor, 11/95 - 8/97
Gallery Rotation, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, Legion of Honor, 5/06 - 5/07

From The Life of Saint Peter series. The burial of Saint Peter takes place outside the crenellated walls of Rome, beyond which one glimpses a medieval city, with a church, a public building flying a banner, and a domed tower with windows shielded against the sun by canvas awnings. The body of the martyred saint, square-bearded and tonsured according to tradition, lies on the ground, forming a long diagonal between his two companions. One of the disciples draws the edge of the shroud around Peter's head, which rests on a jeweled halo; the other adjusts the saint's legs, which are wound with strips of cloth. The faces of the disciples are solemn with grief; one hand is raised in blessing or companion. The disciple kneeling in the foreground wears a conical hat and a fur-trimmed tunic of a deep red figured fabric, drawn in at the waist by a gold-studded blue belt. A heavy purse hangs from the belt, and a long knife with a smaller knife in the scabbard. His companion is dressed in a loose violet garment under a blue, short-sleeved robe trimmed at the collar and armholes with a band of writing. His hat has a deep turned-back cuff with dots and high crown ending in a tassel. From Anna Gray Bennett, "Five Centuries of Tapestry: The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco" (San Francisco: Chronicle Books; The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, 1976; repr. 1992): pp. 21 - 22.

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