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Bernardo Bellotto
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Painter and etcher. Nephew and pupil of Antonio Canal, or "Canaletto," the celebrated painter of Venetian views. Studied in Rome in his youth, adding to his surname that of his teacher, "il Canaletto". In imitation of his uncle, he also painted architectural and perspective views, in a very picturesque and spirited manner. He resided in Italy, in Germany (especially Dresden) and in Poland. Worked as court painter to Augustus III, elector of Saxony and King of Poland, from 1748. From I747- 1755 he painted views of Dresden. In 1760 the destruction of Dresden ruined his house. He finally established himself permanently in Warsaw, where after much difficulty, he became the court painter to King Stanislas II Poniatowsky. The life of Belotto, which included many travels and long sojourns outside of his country, can be divided into three distinct periods: one Italian, one Saxo-Vienese, and one Polish. His painting is naturally an evolution relative to these periods. In Italy, his felt most directly the influence of Canaletto. But by adapting himself more to the places where he visited or lived, he took on a more modern character than that of his uncle. Other dates?: Born 1720 or 1724