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Berkeley Free Press
Birth Date: 
Birth Place: 
Berkeley, Calif.
Death Date: 
Berkeley Free Press operated under that name from 1965 when Leo Bach (1919-2013) opened it in the shop at 1703 Grove Street (now Martin Luther King, Jr. Way) that was also occupied by the Free Speach Movement press. The Press printed a variety of political posters and pamphlets as well as rock concert posters. Bach operated it as Berkeley Free Press until Bill Buckman took it over and changed the name to Berkeley Graphic Arts in May 1967. Buckman continued to print commercial work as well as concert posters until 1970. David Lance Goines (b. 1945), an artist and a printer at the shop from the Free Speech Movement days, founded St. Hieronymus Press there in 1968 and took over the premises in 1971 for his Press and design studio, which he still operates. (TNB 11/2016) Selected bibliography: Cushing, Lincoln. All of Us or None: Social Justice Posters of the San Francisco Bay Area¸ pp. 122-123. Exhibition catalog. Berkeley: Heyday, 2012.