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Tapestry panel with tabs
Tapestry panel with tabs
ca. 100 BC–200
Not on display
Tapestry Weave, Camelid-fiber With Cotton Warps
63.2 x 47 cm (24 7/8 x 18 1/2 in.)
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South America
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Gift of Erik Jacobsen

complete panel, selvedged on all sides, terminating in tabs at top and bottom, the iconography is extremely rare and incorporates technical and design features from both coastal and highland weaving cultures, pricipal figurative motif has an eccentric human-like face head, but the limbs of a quadruped, ear ornaments create the eyes and face of a Chavinoid feline, figure alternates with geometric and trophy head patterns, theme of feline eyes/masks overlaid on a quadruped is repeated within the small tabs

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