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Large storage bag (juval), face
Large storage bag (juval), face
ca. 1850
Not on display
Wool; Knotted Pile (asymmetrical Knot, Open To The Right), Weave Direction Opposite That Of Design)
101.6 x 172.7 cm (40 x 68 in.)
Object Type:
Turkmen, Unidentified Tribe
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Museum purchase, Art Trust Fund

Exhibition History:

A Garden of Earthly Delights, 4/23-24/96
For Tent & Trade: Masterpieces of Turkmen Weaving, 2007-2008

"This is an odd piece, apparently a juval but huge, with a very sophisticated color palette. The character of the pile is very different from most Turkmen examples, and its design is definitely not from the Western Turkmen tradition. The stems of the flowers in the alem section are also unusual, not chracteristic of flowers woven by the Turkmen of the Amu Darya area. A each side are wide, red borders, almost devoid of decoration, except that the design of the upper and lower end spillls into them, and a few random colored knots appear in the right "border." The red of these side borders and of the lower alem is darker than the red in the rest of the objects. Very creative, with an almost whimsical quality. The pile area was probably orignally about 3" longer than it is now."- Peter Poullada and Jim Blackmon-11/2006

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