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Gut (Allen Turk)
Allen “Gut” Turk was a Hells Angel, the past president of the San Bernardino Hells Angels chapter, the manager of the rock group “Blue Cheer” in the late 1960s, one of the Merry Pranksters led by Ken Kesey (1935-2001) and for a time an owner of “Joynt Venture,” a head shop in San Francisco’s Mission district that also served as a rehearsal studio for Blue Cheer. He was also an artist who created posters for San Francisco rock concerts and album covers for Blue Cheer and was the art director for the first Blue Cheer album. His rock concert posters were created in 1966, 1967 and 1968 for various locations in San Francisco, Marin County and Los Angeles. He also designed an advertising poster for a men’s clothing store in San Francisco called “The Prophets.” (TNB 2/2017)