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David Hindley
One of the most intriguing manuscripts in the Homerton College Archive is this piece for piano solo, written by David Hindley (Head of Music 1962-1985). David Hindley was Head of Music at Homerton College for 23 years, between 1962 and 1985. As a composer, he became well known for his music based on recorded birdsong. One piece for which he received particular attention was a recreation of the song of the huia bird – a New Zealand bird which became extinct in 1907. Over 80 years later, Hindley used 1950s recordings of Maori elders whistling what they remembered of the bird’s call, as well as written descriptions likening it to other birds, to create his composition. In the same year Hindley also created his ‘best guess’ at the call of the dodo for The Really Wild Show (BBC).